What to do if you experience a
water damage emergency:

Checking moisture with our thermal image cameraCall 843.200.7000 Anytime-Anyday.

Having a record of your home, contents, and their condition BEFORE disaster strikes can be of tremendous
benefit when filing an insurance claim.  In some cases, photo documentation of pre-loss condition are essential.

And, according to your insurance policy it is your responsibility to provide proof of the condition of your property prior to the loss.

If you do not already have a current/accurate inventory or your home and contents, here is an excellent on-line archive for your home and personal property.  It has an easy to follow wizard for properly documenting your home and contents.  THIS IS A FREE SERVICE.  Click this link for the FREE online archive from InsuranceVault.net.

You can also get FREE home inventory software from the Insurance Information Institute.  Click this link for the
FREE iii software.

Drying hardwood floorMitigation should begin immediately.  Do not wait for the insurance company to schedule a loss inspection with an adjuster.  You should take all reasonable measures to protect and preserve your property.  Good documentation of the damage will assist the adjuster in estimating your loss.   Photos/Video are excellent.

First and foremost is SAFETY!

Remember--water conducts electricity and the utmost of caution must be used to eliminate electrical hazards.  Turn off all electronics or appliances around water damaged area.

Drying carpetDetermine the source of the leak and stop it if you can.

Do NOT go into rooms where the ceiling is sagging.

If you have books or papers that are water damaged...freeze them until proper restoration can be performed.  

Remove as much "standing water" as possible from hard surfaces with sponges or towels.

A wet/dry vac or "shop vac" can be used on carpets to remove some surface water.  Do NOT use your home vaccuum cleaner.  

Drying behind cabinetsProper water damage mitigation and drying should be performed  to standards set forth in the S-500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration--2006 published by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) .

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